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New Construction and Remodeling Contractor Services

We can expertly guide you toward the best possible outcome for a variety of scale and scope of construction projects.  All along the way you'll get a team you can trust, a process that makes sense and real numbers that you can make decisions from.

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High Performance New Construction

We expertly guide you through an integrated design and build process – teaming with architectural and engineering firms to assure that aesthetic appeal, durability, and unparalleled quality of life (comfort, indoor air quality, and quiet for example) receive equal attention in your new home build.

Custom Remodeling and Additions

Because of the melding of old and new structures and materials into a seamless unity, remodel construction demands the most creative, collaborative, outside-the-box thinking carried out by highly skilled artisans.

We thrive when challenged by design professionals with new materials and approaches, constantly learning and innovating.

Healthy Homes

We are a certified Passive House Builder and emphasize healthy home best practices during the construction process. We love building with carbon neutral or carbon sequestering materials and have a high emphasis on non-toxic building practices. With this focus, we can help with mold prevention, humidity buffering, thermal comfort, or even electromagnetic radiation mitigation. Get nerdy with us and read more about the Healthy Home process here.