Enclave inside

Four Seasons Enclave

Renovation - Portland, OR

Project Team

Paul Coppock, Project Manager
Bryan Montanio, a/A Architecture

Project Summary:

Built in the 1970’s, this NW contemporary house had been renovated numerous times to meet the evolving needs of the client before we began this project.

Across five decades, our clients meticulously groomed the property to its current condition: it now stands as a peaceful oasis cloistered from city that grew up around the property.

This renovation had a specific intent, which was to provide our client (and their guests) a four-seasons space from which to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. Clean lines, natural finishes (like quarried stone, clay floor, sustainably harvested, local woods), and multi-panel lift-slide doors all conceal some of the most technically demanding square footage we’ve built.

From its 13 helical earth anchors and concrete grade beams below ground to the 17-piece steel support skeleton and multi-sloped roof to the exactness of every finishing detail, we enjoyed the build almost as much as our clients love the inviting warmth of the finished space.

Photos by: Blackstone Edge Studios