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It takes profound skill to renovate an existing structure well. Clients are displaced from portions, or all, of their home for unnaturally long periods of time.

Early Portland homes, built with no insulation or air-tightness standards must now, by code, be updated in ways that can have dramatic side effects. Tight lines and demanding constraints of modern design are routinely introduced into aging structures that are no longer plumb, level, or square.

Incomplete building science knowledge in the past led to problems we now uncover every day. Not to mention asbestos and lead paint. Doom and gloom?

No, we wholeheartedly embrace and enjoy the challenge! Over the years, we’ve seen just about every failure possible as we’ve torn apart and rebuilt homes – and we’ve been attentive students.

We are a trusted team of contractors based in Portland and serving the surrounding areas. Our team is ready to get started. Contact us today.

A Team and Project Process You Can Trust

First students and now teachers, we form relationships with Design Professionals and Clients that promotes collaboration and trust – both of which are critical as you invest to update your one-of-a-kind home and its unique challenges. With a great team and plan, mature skill, curiosity, and creativity your home can be revitalized many years.  

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