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New Construction, Remodel and Addition Process

Opus Vitae’s proven construction process differs significantly from most of the industry, and we want you to sense that from the start. Our emphasis is on an intensive front-end, pre-construction design process. We insist that investigation and design documentation happen early. Closely linking them from the beginning allows OVC to positively impact outcomes, should design change be necessary, to protect schedule and cost.

We expertly guide you through an integrated design and build process – teaming with architectural and engineering firms to assure that aesthetic appeal, durability, and unparalleled quality of life (comfort, indoor air quality, and quiet for example) receive equal attention in your construction project.

  • Step 1

    Introductory Meeting

    We will invite you into our office so that we can get to know one another, share with you about our process, and talk through how we will partner together to build/remodel your home.
  • Step 2


    With the commencement of schematic design, we enter a pre-construction contract with our clients. Preconstruction Services covers the hours we need to generate an accurate and comprehensive contract budget for your project.

    • Coordinate with design professionals on project details.
    • Facilitate site visits with design team and specialty trade contractors.
    • Review preliminary and final design plans for feasibility.
    • Complete a full engineering study for Passive House projects.
    • Perform project discovery and forensic demo.
    • Test for lead paint and asbestos.
    • Prepare contact-worthy budget numbers.
  • Step 3


    It would be impossible to overemphasize the importance of thorough pre-construction design when it comes to accurate pricing and scheduling. Because this is such an oft-ignored component of the process, we discuss it in detail here.

  • Step 4


    An Opus Vitae Project Manager will guide every step of the construction process. He or she will build and guard the schedule, coordinate with trades and suppliers, regularly help you understand what to expect and answer your questions, and facilitate discussion between the design team and trades as questions arise. In short, we work tirelessly to keep the construction process flowing smoothy – on time and budget. And, of equal weight, we lead relationally, always imagining what it’s like in your shoes.

  • Step 5

    Post Project Support

    Structures and materials settle and acclimate to the environment after any build, causing small imperfections. About a year (several season changes) after the project concludes, we’ll arrange with you to come out and address shrinkage cracks and minor settling issues at no additional cost.

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